Waiting List for Silver/Light Golden:

Rererved for Karen

BRI (Ny11/ny12) Male

DOB 00/08/2020

Rererved for Ye

BRI (Ny11/Ny12) Male

DOB 00/08/2020


BRI (Ns11) Female

DOB 00/08/2020

Rererved for Mona

BRI (Ny11/Ny1133) Male

DOB 00/08/2020



Alengosh Afina silver chinchilla (Ns11) with beautiful green eyes. She is real lady cat and has great personality. 



Max of Noble Teddy House. Golden chinchilla (Ny12). Our heavy solid boy with well mannered temperament and bright green eyes.



Already in a New Home !

Our really rare color Silver Chocolate female Jesse! She was born in October 2018. She is socialized kitten with well mannered character, beautiful chocolate shaded thick coat and blue eyes. 


Already in a New Home !



Already in a New Home !



We have a beautiful British female Elsa and Anna Both girls are friendly and cuddly. They were born in April 22. They love to play with each other so much! As real sisters they share their favorite toys and food with each other. Elsa is brave and always a leader, Ann is a bit shy kitten, but both kitties adore when I pet them so-so much!

British shorthair kittens Canada