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What will be provided with your British kitten:

1. Vaccination records, Full vet check, and health certificate from a licensed vet.

2. 2 sets of Vaccinations, de-worming.

3. Health insurance for 1,5 months with PetSecure.

4. Basic shipping package includes a small-size carrier, blanket, and your kitten favorites toys.

5. Regular updates and photos before a kitten arrives at the new home.

6. Follow-up recommendations and support. The quicker response through email.

For your question about how to feed British cat:

Natural food is the best for your kitten's health and the beauty of his/her coat. I give raw meat - beef (previously frozen and warmed up prior to feed) mixed with a boiled egg. Boiled chicken breast with fresh quail egg. You can also add a small portion of fresh ground pumpkin, cauliflower, or broccoli to the meat to provide the necessary vitamins for your kitten. I still try something new adding other vegetables to their diet as well. As for dry and wet (canned) food - I give high-quality dry/canned food “Royal Canin”, “Hills”, “Acana”.You can buy Royal Canin dry and wet for kittens(!) for your kitten in Petsmart/Petland. Attention! - Don’t buy cheap cat food at supermarkets to avoid any issues with his health in the future. Our kittens are taught to eat dry, canned, and fresh food so their future owners could choose the food that is convenient for them. I use opened litter box with paper filler brand “Exquisicat”. Attention!

We don’t give our kittens milk.

We don’t give our kittens pork.

I recommend the food at room temperature, not too hot or too cold.

The water should always be at the cat’s reach and changed once a day. Any uneaten food must be removed right away.

If you bought a kitten younger than 1 y.o, buy a dry or wet food with brands I mentioned for kittens(!) since it has more necessary ingredients for growth cats

Here are some things you might need to purchase:

1. Litter filler. I typically use paper filler and opened litter boxes (without roof).

2. Cat tree. Remember: Brits are heavy and fat, so your cat tree must be stable. If you want to buy a little house for your cat, it mustn’t be put up at floor level, as the cat will think it is litter.

3. A couple of bowls. 

4. Some toys (the ones you can wash are the best). They love feather toys and small boles so much!

5. A laser, very good if you don’t want to run before the cat after a long working day. 

6. A comb, the cat should know it and love it. It doesn’t matter if it’s fur is easy to groom. Our kittens get used to the comb, which helps a lot for shows.

7. A couple of cat beds where the cat can curl up. We have a few in each room.`

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