Yasmin of Teddy House 

Yasmin of Noble Teddy House is our European British shorthair female 1,5 years old who brings love and joy to our family. She has a very unique character and very calm temper. It’s very easy to handle her and pet her which is something she is usually happy with.

Yasmin’s coat is beautiful golden marble color and she impresses with her emerald eyes.

Best Sunny  

Our young female Best Sunny born Mar 10, 2019. Her name matches with her appiarance and natute! Sunny has extraordinary bright golden shaded color coat and big emerald eyes. The girl is young, very energetic, playful, likes to play with different sizes balls and climb on hights.

            Dam Patty Elite 

       Patty has extraordinary beautiful emerald eyes and passes same color to her kittens!!! She is the best mom ever, cares for her fur babies and doesn’t leave them alone even for few minutes. Patty likes to speak with her kittens on her cats language. When we have her litter, I’ll probably record these funny moments:)

Lux Infinity 

Dam Infinity is a very affectionate and active cat. She likes to be on highs like nobody else at our cattery. Her favorite place in our house is the highest cats tree! Her lifestyle is active - she always play with other cats and kittens, initiating the play, gymnastic on a cat tree, care for little ones. So, no chance put some weight.;) 

Dam Infinity has a unique color of Golden chinchilla (Golden shell ny12) and beautiful bright green eyes.