Frequently Asked Questions


Can I reserve a kitten?

You can place a $500 deposit to reserve a kitten under your name. This reservation fee is non-refundable and will be a part of your final purchase price. We accept PayPal and etransfers. If you pay with PayPal system, please, include 4% of PayPal fee. As soon as your deposit is received, the kitten is reserved!

What is the price?

The price of our beautiful Golden shaded ny11/ny1133 kitten is $2800, ny12 or ay11/12 is $3300. Silver shaded blue eyed and Black chinchillas with emerald or blue eyes is $2300. Our cats are sold as pets only and not for breeding purposes.

What is a pet kitten?

A pet kitten is a kitten that is sold without a breeding right.


We will give the fshots of immunizations. Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis, Calcivirus and Chlamydia will be up to date. Deworming twice, vet records and 6 weeks pet health insurance will be provided.

Very important!

Everything About Our Cattery

We are passionate about this breed of cats! We have a great experience to care and breed these special cats.

We love their nature and beauty!

Our cats are purebred British Shorthair TICA registered that we cherry-picked from around the World. Cats from our cattery are from top European Catteries with Champion bloodline! We have successfully exhibited our cats in numerous exhibitions with getting awards and nominations. Current kittens are fluffy, emerald and blue eyed and have Golden shaded, Blue Golden shaded, White Golden shaded and Silver shaded colors. These combinations are considered to be extremely rare and so beautiful!

      If you are looking for a breed of cats that is very kids-friendly, other pets-friendly, not aggressive with a mild character and very intelligent - British Shorthair cats will be the most suited breed for you! This popular breed is great for families with kids and/or other pets and perfect for a busy owner as well. Gold, Silver shaded British Shorthair cats are like Teddy bears who have an extremely patient and affectionate nature! They're like a magnet - so difficult to resist petting their soft and plush coat!

     They are vet checked and have two vaccinations. They have been dewormed and come with TICA registration papers and a Vet Health Certificate. The kittens are litter box trained and fully socialized. They are raised on healthy high quality cat food and nutritional lifestyle

The deliver your kitten available within Canada and to US.

Please send me an email me for more information.

Stylish Cats Cattery Contract

Between the “Purchaser” ___________________ and   the “Breeder” ____________________________

 NOW, THEREFORE, the parties here to agree as:

 1. Identification

Whereas the Breeder is willing to sell and the Purchaser is willing to purchase the

Male/Female British Shorthair cat born:___________________________________________________

Litter Registration:___________________TICA Cats Association______________________________

named: ____________ with color, markings and attributes: ____________________________________

Color_________(the Cat)

1A. The Breeder confirms that the Cat is a Pet only and at time of sale is a lovely representative of its breed.

1B. The Breeder confirms that the Cat is a show PROSPECT only and at time of sale possesses no disqualifying faults according to official domestic or international feline conformational breed standards. The Breeder cannot be held responsible for the Cat’s ultimate and/or final development. 

1C. The Breeder makes no future representations or guarantees whatsoever as to the physical features, attributes, personality, temperament or behavioral/litter box issues of said Cat or kitten. Cat has appropriate litter habits at time of sale.

 2. Genetics & Health

2A. The Breeder confirms that the Cat has no health threatening genetic defects.

 *Note: Stressful situations, such as a new home, may illicit temporary signs of illness in the Cat which may include sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes or diarrhea /constipation. To reduce stress, especially the first few days in his or her new adoptive home, feed the Cat the same food as the Breeder has been using and offer bottled water. Introduce family members and other pets slowly for short periods at one time over several days or even weeks. Remember that the Cat may be frightened and does not understand what is happening to him or her. Keeping kitty in a quiet spot with a little nest for a few days (see below) will give the Cat time to assimilate to his or her new life. Confine the Cat to a small area such as a bathroom or laundry room to ensure proper use of the litter box. It is recommended that the Cat remain quarantined for 14 days without contact with other cats to allow any possible incubating illness to present.

2B. In the event of the non-accidental death of the Cat within six months after rehoming the Buyer must provide a copy of the complete necropsy report which has been performed by a qualified Veterinary Pathologist. The Breeder will offer a replacement of said Cat with another of similar value when one becomes available after providing the proof.

2C.The Purchaser confirms that he or she will maintain the Cat in good health and condition, ensuring all vaccinations, dewormings, dental care and veterinary check-ups are kept current. Under no circumstances may this Cat be permitted to roam freely out of doors!

 3. Breeding

 3A. The Purchaser understands that under no circumstances may the Cat be used for breeding purposes and therefore is sold pre-altered OR must be altered (ovariohysterectomy— females, or neutering—males) by (date) ________________, and that appropriate registration certificates will not be issued to Purchaser by the Breeder until proof of altering is presented to the Breeder.  *Proof of altering must be received by breeder within 1 months of procedure.


3B: If the Cat is not altered by the agreed upon date, (Breech of Contract) the Breeder will deem the Cat as being breeding rights stolen and an additional $ 2500 fee will be due and payable to the Breeder immediately. All and any progeny of the Cat found to have been bred without specific Breeder’s permission are the sole property of the Breeder. The Breeder shall retain the right to forcefully repossess the Cat and progeny.  Anyone who sells any such progeny as purebred shall be deemed under the laws, to be in violation of the Animal Pedigree Act. 

3C. The Purchaser confirms that he or she is in a financial position to alter and care (including unforeseen or emergency Vet attention) for the cat.

3D. The Purchaser understands that the Cat is sold as an alter. Transfer of ownership is

enclosed. Please note that the Cat, if of show quality, can be shown in official Cat Shows as an Alter.

 4A: The cat was sold for ______________________   Deposit for the kitten is _____________________

 4B: Under no circumstances (except extreme acute grievous accidental injury) will the Cat be euthanized without prior notification of intent, communication and discussion with the Breeder.

 4C: Note that the Breeder intends to seek legal action against the Purchaser in terms of

Breech of Contract. Initials:___________(scary concept, however necessary)