Cinnamon of Beauty Factory
 born  July 2019
Sir Cinnamon is our amazing and loved male cat with rare color of golden chinchilla and charming emerald eyes.  He is a lap cat and has 
affectionate personality!

Fontenoy Dallas

Our beautiful Fontenoy Dallas is our loved male with rare blue-golden plushy coat and the cutest face ever with a bit sad expression in his eyes!  He belongs to British shorthair purebred European line cats. It’s very easy to fall in love with him, that’s why our customers would like  to get a little copy of the cat  Dallas is young and full of energy 4 years old and he is still growing.

He is very socialized, purry, loves when I pet him or brash his fur so-so much! He seems like lazy beauty but when it comes to a play, he turns into agile tiger! He is good with kids and gentle with other pets at home.

Nesbitt of Teddy House

Our adorable chocolatte golden chinchilla boy born in October 2019. He has amazing personality, round, smiley face, kind eyes and big cheeks boy! Sir Nesbitt of Teddy House is a new addition to our family cattery, smart, caddly, affectionate and just our lovely cat!